Visual and performance artist.

Artist Statement

Kazumi Seki

Creation is the way to regain control of myself and live true to myself. As a Japanese female, I have been raised to obey social expectations as a member of the society rather than as an individual. My attitude of giving priority to others’ needs, following others and keeping my feelings to myself left me with a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Artists’ books allow for words, image, color scheme, tactile qualities, and structure to mutually complete each other. Choosing them to accompany my feelings and making a book with care signified for me how to treat myself with respect. I represented the difficulty of my transition to becoming a graduate student with the piece The Tunnel for the Peaceful Mind. My desire to examine more free expressions but little experience of independence, I felt I lost my bearings. Thoughts like “I don’t have power” stabbed my mind and thoughts like “I have to be perfect” pulled my legs. I showed the hope for a peaceful mind and the encouragement from friends as quiet lights coming through the tunnel.

Through my creation, I’d like to show people the importance to treat oneself with respect and the pleasure of living true to oneself. I believe the person who can respect oneself can respect others as they are. Books are books but also can be models that can suggest the possibilities of life.


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